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Recently there have been a few people in my life that have passed away, or someone close to me has had someone in their life pass away.

One of the struggles for me when this happens is wondering what I should say or do.

Then it’s time for the visitation and funeral.

The visitation is a time to comfort and share the loss with those who have lost.

The funeral is a time to remember the life that has been lost.

I find these times awkward. I’m not sure what to do, what to say, how to dress, how long to stay, or what emotions I should be feeling.  Continue Reading…

A couple of years ago I had the chance to visit Kenya. It was an incredible trip for our team. During the trip our team was able to go on a safari. During our safari we drove in an open roofed van through the Kenyan bush, with a guide.

Our purpose was to find wildlife, and that is exactly what we found. We saw zebras, gazelles, giraffes and even water buffalos! We experienced a herd of elephants trek right past us.

We literally had elephants walking on every side of us, we could almost touch them. I can still remember the feeling – “we are still alive right now by their choice”.  Continue Reading…

I love to travel. I like the experience it brings and flying on a plane. Traveling for work is fun. I like the idea of being able to move 2,000 miles in only a few hours.

Last Summer I flew from London, UK to Toronto, Canada. I flew alone. It was great. I watched a movie, read a book and took a nap and then just like that I landed on the other side of the ocean.

I collected my bags and was on my way. Nice and easy!

Then 5 days later I had another kind of experience. Continue Reading…

Life is an adventure and it is made rich by those you share it with. When it’s all said and done, it’s who we invested in and those we shared the experiences with that really matter.

Life is not stationary, it should never be a place we arrive at and then just sit back. Life is fluid, every day we are given circumstances to adapt to. Each day we are given the gift of life and a chance to grow.

We must take these experiences and allow them to build our character.  Continue Reading…

Right now, there are 27,000,000 people in slavery around the world. The average age of a slave in North America is 14 years old. 8 out of every 10 slaves are sex slaves. Something is very wrong with this picture.

Each of these people are somebody’s son or daughter. Every human is equal in their value because I believe we were each created to reflect the glory of our creator.

This is why slavery is wrong; because we were created by a creator, on purpose and for a purpose.  Continue Reading…

It’s inevitable. One day soon you will be sitting at your desk and an email is going to pop up on your screen. It’s a meeting request from your boss. Nothing unusual… or is it?

You have worked there for a few years. At first you loved it, but then you got comfortable. You started to think you could do it all on your own. You thought you where the man (or woman)!

So you sit down in his office for the meeting he requested. Next you hear the words Continue Reading…

In Ontario, Canada (where my wife and I live) the third Monday in February is a recognized holiday called Family Day. I know it sounds a little soft, but any excuse for a long weekend is good to me!

In all the things I do, I know my responsibilities as a Father top them all. The legacy I can leave for the future generations is huge when I think of my children.

As a leader, my family is my foundation. My career, passions, hobbies and interests don’t have to be sacrificed in order to have a healthy family.

Continue Reading…

It’s my birthday! I am now 30. In some ways I feel old, in others, I know there is still a lot I can do while I am on this earth.

Here are 30 things I have learned in my 30 years on earth:  Continue Reading…

I have begun the routine of getting up early. I have been wanting to get up earlier so that I can begin to do a few things I keep saying “I don’t have time for”.

The reality is I had time, I just wasn’t creating the margin in my life so that I could use that time properly.

I have noticed that those that are high achievers seem to have time for the things they value. They seem to be able to accomplish more with the same amount of time. Those people, including the president of the USA, as well as you and I have the same 24 hours each day.

How do they do it?!  Continue Reading…

There is so much work to get done. You finish the day and you’ve barely made a dent in the to-do-list. You wonder if you can get it all accomplished and keep your health and family intact! If your days usually go something like this, then it’s probably time to get some help.

You might not need professional help, but it’s time to pass on some responsibilities to someone else. This will free you up to do what you do best and give someone a chance to flourish with new responsibilities.

Here is the golden rule of delegation:  Continue Reading…