It’s Sunday night. The page is blank. I thought I was supposed to hit “Publish” tomorrow morning.

Every serious blogger I know says consistency is king. I guess I must not be as serious as I thought. Discouragement kicks in and I wonder why I paid for another year of hosting service.

If you’re like me (and I’m guessing someone reading this might be) you might struggle the same way. Glad to know we’re not alone!

Blank screen Paul Jolicoeur

Here are 3 reasons why I don’t blog consistently….and your help is needed at the end!


1. Because I don’t have a plan

The goal is to publish a new blog post every Monday.

The plan is to find spare time somewhere in the middle of my busy day to force out something creative and useful.

Not generally a plan for success.

It’s hard to reach any goals we set if we don’t set out a plan to reach that goal. The plan can change, but having a plan keeps you moving in the right direction.

2. Because I don’t write every day

Anne Lott in her book Bird by Bird, challenged me to write about my childhood. I did that for a while and I found it to help my creative process.

It also helped me keep writing as a part of my daily routine.

Routine is helpful. Making something a part of your daily routine is the easiest way to build and keep momentum.

3. Because I haven’t seen the results I really want to see

Perhaps you are like me. You love to create, you love doing something and making stuff happen.

You don’t mind putting time and energy into something, as long as you see results.

Seeing results is encouraging, energizing and motivates you to keep going.

When you can’t see progress it can be easy to get discouraged and wonder what the point is of continuing.

I have hundreds of viewers to my blog, but I want to see thousands! When the numbers don’t climb as fast as I would prefer them to, it can be discouraging.

Next week, I would love to put together some tools and strategies to combat these 3 consistency killers!

But I want to hear from you. I will even include a few of your thoughts in next week’s post!

I think we could put a great list together. Let our goal be to fill the arsenal full of ammunition to combat this monster and killer of dreams called inconsistency

It’s your turn now….Please comment below with your thoughts.

How can we defeat these 3 killers of consistency?