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Life is an adventure and it is made rich by those you share it with. When it’s all said and done, it’s who we invested in and those we shared the experiences with that really matter.

Life is not stationary, it should never be a place we arrive at and then just sit back. Life is fluid, every day we are given circumstances to adapt to. Each day we are given the gift of life and a chance to grow.

We must take these experiences and allow them to build our character.  Continue Reading…

Right now, there are 27,000,000 people in slavery around the world. The average age of a slave in North America is 14 years old. 8 out of every 10 slaves are sex slaves. Something is very wrong with this picture.

Each of these people are somebody’s son or daughter. Every human is equal in their value because I believe we were each created to reflect the glory of our creator.

This is why slavery is wrong; because we were created by a creator, on purpose and for a purpose.  Continue Reading…

In Ontario, Canada (where my wife and I live) the third Monday in February is a recognized holiday called Family Day. I know it sounds a little soft, but any excuse for a long weekend is good to me!

In all the things I do, I know my responsibilities as a Father top them all. The legacy I can leave for the future generations is huge when I think of my children.

As a leader, my family is my foundation. My career, passions, hobbies and interests don’t have to be sacrificed in order to have a healthy family.

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It’s my birthday! I am now 30. In some ways I feel old, in others, I know there is still a lot I can do while I am on this earth.

Here are 30 things I have learned in my 30 years on earth:  Continue Reading…

Can you take circumstances if your life too serious? What about not taking them serious enough?

Your energy is finite, you don’t have a never ending supply.

Spend your energy on what matters and what will give you the greatest return. (Tweet This!)

In all reality the only thing I do today that will matter in 30 years is what I invest in others and myself.

My family is what really matters. I would be foolish to trade that for any short term temporary gain or pleasure.

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Merry Christmas Jolicoeur Family

May this time of the year be an opportunity for you to invest your greatest assets in the best place possible.

May you invest your time with those you love and those you have the opportunity to build a legacy with.

Merry Christmas!

from Paul, Laurie, Jaslyn and Jace!

Time is ticking away one minute at a time, one day at a time, year after year.

I am sure there are things you have always wanted to do, if only you had more time, or if only you started a few years ago.

The time you have left in your life is a commodity you are a steward of. A steward isn’t the owner, just the manager. You can’t invest your time like you can in the stock market to gain more time.

You only have what you got.

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It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada. Just like the American Thanksgiving, but not as close to Christmas.

It’s a time for family, food and even football. Except in Canada we can watch hockey, baseball and football at the same time during Thanksgiving…which is why we have the extra day off work right?

I don’t care much for pumpkin pie, although the rest of my family loves it! I am just as happy with my simple apple pie (which is still in season).

In honor of Thanksgiving, here are some of the things I am thankful for as I count my blessings:

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This past month my family took a trip to Portland, OR, to visit with family. During the trip we were able to spend some very special time together as a family.

Everyone needs a break! With only a few weeks left in the summer, take a break and purposefully spend time with those you love.

You will feel better.

Think better.

Smile more.

Laugh more.

Experience less stress.

Feel more secure in your relationships.

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Since September I have been taking on some new responsibilities at work. In essence it was a promotion, but like I have heard someone say before “a promotion is more work in disguise”.

I have been working more hours and my schedule has been a lot more intense since the change. It has been a lot of fun and challenging all at the same time. So what did I do this past week? Continue Reading…