The Brand We All Manage

We live in the most exciting times ever. I say that mostly because it is the only time I have lived in. Think about this, today almost everyone has a Facebook account, Twitter profile or YouTube channel. You have the opportunity to reach more people today than could have been imagined two decades ago.

Just a few years ago if you were not a celebrity the only people who knew you were those you physically interacted with. This might be a couple hundred for the average person.

Today, anyone, regardless of where they live, can have an audience of ten-thousand or more. You used to have to sell out an arena to do that, or write for a major newspaper. 

Now you just have to sign up for Twitter and engage! Everything is branding Paul Jolicoeur The Brand We All Manage

Think about the job search. Your mom used to tell you not to get tattoos because it might prevent you from getting a job. No worries mom, the tattoos don’t matter as much anymore.

You want to know what else matters?

Your social media content.

In an age where anyone can be found by anyone within minutes, why wouldn’t an employer or potential client look you up?

So here it is. In the age where everyone can have a public profile and a fan following, the reality is that each one of us has a personal brand.

Every time you tweet, update Facebook or snap a chat you are building your brand.

Your brand is who you are. It is your reputation, it is who people see when they find you, and it is what they think of you.

You can also think of it this way….

Each one of us are brand managers. We are all in the public relations business.

This is because everything you do online is building your brand and the brand you build will influence who wants to hire you, do business with you or engage with you.

There is now little distinction between your online activity and your offline world.

Leaders that are aware of their influence want to have greater influence. They understand that branding matters. They know that their reputation is the most valuable asset they possess.

Remember, every tweet, pic or update you make online is open to anyone and everyone. Make sure you are willing to stand behind whatever it is you share.

Each one of us has influence on the world around us. We get the opportunity to interact with people each day, whether it be online or offline. In either case we all influence one another with these interactions.

A true leader sees their influence, desires it to grow it, and wants to uses it well.

How do you like being a brand manager?


Paul Jolicoeur

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Husband, Father, Disciple, Blogger, writer, author. Learner & desire to make an impact on others. Each one of us have influence on the world and this influence is a gift. We can continue to grow and increase in our influence.

10 responses to The Brand We All Manage

  1. I totally agree with you about everyone having a personal brand, online and offline. We have to remember people are watching us so we have to be careful about what we say and do. Great post!

  2. I think a lot of people don’t consider this at all. Facebook becomes a platform to complain or brag. And it taints the way that people see you in reality. I try to think about how scripture tells us that we are lights in the darkness. In fact, I was just reading this morning from Phil 2 where it talks about us not complaining and not disputing so that we can live as pure in this corrupt generation.

  3. I liked your line, “Make sure you are willing to stand behind whatever it is you share.”

    I am in the process of trying to illustrate what my brand is. So that it’s undeniable.

  4. This seems to go along the chat we had at Ava. 100% agree with your thoughts here Paul. We live in an age where the inside and outside needs to be same to have greater integrity and influence.

  5. This is true. Before I hire anyone at my college, I see what they have allowed on their social media platforms or put out themselves. We were hiring someone in a social media position and and I instantly looked at their twitter. They had tweeted several curse words on her twitter in the past year. She didn’t get the job 🙁

    • Hi Heath! Thanks for stopping by. This really is a matter of integrity. You just can’t live one life online and another in person. Our social accounts are just an extension of who we are.

      The new blog is looking great.