Being a grateful father of two, a son and a daughter, my desire is to be the best father to both of these children.

I want to see them dream, I want them to strive for their best and I want to see them reach their potential.

Most importantly I want them to know why they were created, fulfill their destiny and leave an impact on this world.

I want them to know what it means to have integrity, to do everything with excellence and take responsibility for their lives.

Recently I read a book called Parenting the QBQ Way by John G. Miller.


Parenting the QBQ Way is a very practical book that any and every parent will find helpful. Tweet this

What is a QBQ? They are questions that start with what or how, contain an “I” and are action focused. They represent accountable thinking and lead to learning.

Here are some insights I took away from this book:

1. Your child is a product of your parenting.

It’s not up to their school, day care worker, the government, or anyone else to parent your children. It is up to you.

When I look at who I want my children to be, I must realize that it is up to me to help them become all they should be by instructing them and setting the example for them.

2. It starts with me. 

No matter what I take away from this book, my children won’t be any better and my parenting any more effective unless I make the change first.

If I want my child to treat others better, I need to treat people better. If I want my children to manage their money wisely, I need to manage my money wisely.

3. Say No and Break a Window.

Life is stressful these days, much of that stress is self induced. We sign our kids up for too many activities in hopes to give their lives and ours significance.

What we really need to do is allow unscheduled time to hang out with your kids.

We need to say no to the busyness and yes to playing (even if a window gets broken).

4. Personal Accountability

In my opinion this is the crowning principal of the whole book and encompasses everything we are talking about.

We each need to take responsibility for our own lives.

When we hit problems, crises or issues, we need to step back and ask ourselves a QBQ. We need to ask, what can I do…..

We want our children to take responsibility for their actions. When they get a low test score, mistreat a classmate or get caught in a lie, they should take responsibility.

We never want them to look for excuses to get out of things. It’s time to own up and take responsibility for our actions and responses.

I have read the original QBQ book and enjoyed it tremendously. This new book isn’t a copy of the old book with a few words changed. It is an original book that applies the same principals.

Every parent should take the time to ask themselves who they want their children to be?

Then become that person.

In the end, you are a living example to them and you have the greatest influence in their lives.

What type of person would you like to see your child become?