It Begins

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A journey always has a beginning. Sometimes you recognize the beginning and other times you look back and realize you have already started.

In some way the beginning of this blog starts a journey and in some other way, I have realized I began this journey a while ago. I begin this journey with a pilot. Like a new TV show. There is always a trial run. Maybe it’s an episode or two that lets the network know if the show is going to connect with its audience.

For the next year I am going to create at least one blog post a week. At the end of this year I will have a better understanding of how things work and I am sure I will have learned a lot of lessons.

Every journey great or small always starts with one step. This was step one!

Paul Jolicoeur

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Husband, Father, Disciple, Blogger, writer, author. Learner & desire to make an impact on others. Each one of us have influence on the world and this influence is a gift. We can continue to grow and increase in our influence.