Your story is inspiring. The things you have experienced could fill a book. Your unique experience and outlook on life, mixed with your personality give you a story no one else has. This story that is perfectly you could also be beneficial to others.

Recently I started to write down every thought I can remember from my childhood. It has almost become therapeutic. I have been sitting down once a day and writing 300-500 words of any childhood memory that comes to mind.

Sometimes I will only write one memory as I describe as many details as possible. Sometimes I write more of a sequence of events. In either case, I let my mind do the remembering and my fingers do the typing.

Image courtesy Stoonn/

Image courtesy Stoonn/

It might be strange to think of writing your childhood memories down. It may be even tougher to see any benefit. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are.

Here are 4 benefits I have found doing this exercise.

1. It has helped with writers block

I am often challenged with keeping the creative juices flowing. The need to create content can bring on pressure that paralyzes creativity.

Just the act of writing memories can break the block and allow creativity to flow in unrelated areas.

2. It gives an inner release

I really can’t explain this one too much. I am sure there is a psychological or spiritual term is describe this.

For me, it has been an opportunity to organize my childhood experiences. It has allowed me to have closure on some events and understand myself better.

3. It has challenged my parenting

I love my parents and I believe they did a great job raising me. This exercise has allowed me to re-experience events of my childhood and see how I can become a better parent because of them.

4. Increased thankfulness

When you are growing up, you can’t understand all your parents and others do for you. You don’t recognize how your experiences have shaped you.

Now that time has passed, mentally walking through those events makes you more thankful for them.

Basically, it’s easy to forget what is was like to be a kid and this helps you remember!

Here are my guidelines:

    1. I write all in one sitting. I don’t go back to an entry and write more. Each time I sit down to write I start a new entry.
    2. I use one document for all of my entries. I separate each entry with a horizontal line.
    3. I start each entry with how old I think I was when this memory took place.
    4. I write down as much detail as I can remember.
    5. No editing allowed. I just write what comes to my mind. I do use spell check though!

We all have experienced one childhood. You may have loved it or maybe it was very painful for you. My guess is it was a mixture of both.

Start today and for the next 7 days, write 300 words each day of memories from your childhood. Use my rules above to guide you.

My guess is you will find this exercise to be very beneficial. If you don’t, then just stop doing it and send me some hate mail!

Start your 7 days…today.

Why do you think writing childhood memories can be beneficial?