You may have a goal you have set, an idea of something you want to accomplish. Having a vision of what you want the future to look like is fantastic. Dreaming is fun and necessary and at some point you have to start doing what it takes to make your dreams a reality.

Here are four steps you can take to move your goals from an idea to reality.

1. Write them down. Take a moment to write them down on paper or on your computer. Be specific and be able to measure your goals. For example, this past year one of my reading goals was to read four books on parenting. As a new parent I thought this would be a good idea! That is a very specific goal; I know what topic and exactly how many books I want to read. At the end of the year (and even during the year) I can check my progress.

2. Tell Someone. When you tell someone you accomplish a couple of things. First, you solidify the goal in your own mind. There is something about speaking out your goals that helps create some resolve to make those goals a reality. Second, when you tell someone your goals you create a line of accountability. You laid the cards out on the table. You have created an opportunity for that person to check up on you.

3. Plan the first step. My daughter has just started to walk in the past month. At first she would just stand up, and then hold onto something while she walked. Now she walks on her own, kicks a ball and walks down the stairs. It all started with one step. You can’t take step three and four until you have taken step one and two. So what is the first step you need to take to reach your goal? If you want to run a marathon step one might be jog a mile. Then you work your way forward.

4. Jump! Now take that first step and move forward. If you have ever been cliff jumping you know that the more you look down and think about it the harder it is to make the jump. Same goes here, don’t over think it and let it become this daunting mountain in your mind. You know your first step, so now take it. Go ahead and jump!

Have you heard the saying; failure to plan is a plan to fail? Or how about; shoot for the moon because even if you miss you’ll land among the stars? Having a plan and acting on that plan will set you a part from those that just talk a big game. You don’t want to be the person that always talks about what they want to do in the future, take steps today towards that future.

Let me remind you that step #2 is to tell someone, so here we are! What goal are you setting today or have you set this year for yourself?