This is post #52! One year ago, I stepped into the world of blogging with a desire to pursue something I had been interested in for a while.

Last year, I made a commitment to post once a week. Some weeks have been better than others, but for the most part I did it!

The thing about desires is that they never come to fruition unless you are willing to move to action.

Here are my top 5 posts from this past year:

Image courtesy of koratmember/

Image courtesy of koratmember/

1. 6 Behaviors of the Worst Employees

2. What Showing Up on Time Says About You

3. The Power of Showing Appreciation

4. Warning: Your Attitude is Powerful

5. How to Manage Your Time Better


One thing about blogging and social media that I have learned over the last year is that it doesn’t matter what you say about yourself. It’s all about what others are saying about you.

So with that said, here is some shameless self promotion.

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Thank you for joining me on this journey. Here’s to many more year to come!