Why do you do what you do? Every day of your life you are moving, doing and acting towards the why that drives your life.

You may not have a why defined, but it’s there.

If you lose sight of the why, you begin to lose the reason why you exist.

Of course when this happens you begin to lose hope, direction and purpose.

This can happen to a person, a ministry, a company or any other corporation.

So, what is your why? Have you taken some time to answer that question?

Image courtesy of Winnond / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Winnond / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The reason for the season is Jesus. It’s a nice slogan that helps direct people back to the original purpose of the holiday we celebrate.

The birth of Jesus is a historical event (see Luke 1 for more details).

Most people don’t argue this even if they don’t believe in a deity. Christmas is a date on the calendar, marking a historical event.

The reason for the season is the why. If it wasn’t for Jesus, we would all be at work on the 25th!

Regardless of what you believe about Jesus, it is a fact that this day is set aside as a remembrance.

When people ask why we have Christmas, we can say Jesus.

The question “why?” gives purpose and direction.

What is your why?

If you haven’t figure out what your “why” is, then take some time during this Christmas season to think about it.

We will have one overarching why that drives our lives. We will also have a focused why for different goals we set. I go to the gym because I want to be fit and healthy. I want to be able to have fun with my children and stay active.

Notice the because in the sentence above, that was the transition to the why!

We all desire to live for something greater than ourselves, be a part of something meaningful and do something that has an impact of the world around us.

The why will get you through the tough times, it will motivate you to get up early and do the difficult things required to hit out goals.

Over the Christmas season, we want to stay focused on the reason we celebrate this holiday. Almost every church that exists will have a Christmas Eve service this week. They would love for you to stop by!

Michael Hyatt wrote an e-book about how to create a life plan. If you are struggling with this idea of having a why that directs your life, this might be a good place to begin. You can find this book for free on Michael’s site here.

What is the why?