Each one of us has had the pleasure of experiencing something done with excellence. Maybe you went out for dinner, received a vendor product or watched a live production. Everything seems to run smoothly, and your expectations have been exceeded.

Doing something with excellence isn’t very difficult but it does take some attention. In anything you do; you have the power to create excellence.

If you lead others, you can begin to cultivate a culture of excellence. Starting with you!


Blueprint Image courtesy of Posterize / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Excellence is found in the details and in doing the small things well.

The big elements of anything need to be done well. Chances are you are already paying attention to them.

If you are a speaker, your main points and delivery have been well thought through.

What about your visual presentation, room temperature and who will greet your guests? These are just a few examples.

In the moments of execution, excellence is found in the details.

Here are 3 ways to increase excellence in everything you do:

1. Plan ahead. Excellence is birthed in forethought. As you think into the future, you can prepare properly. You think about what needs to be done and any other possible opportunities. The more time you take to think something through and prepare the more excellent it can be done.

2. Do the details well. Once you have thought through what you are doing, you can anticipate the needs of those you serve. Meet those needs before they realize they were in need.

Warning: When doing the details well, you can get off balance and waste your energy. Don’t get bogged down striving for perfection.

3. Care about what you’re doing. If it’s yours and you own it, you will do a better job. Passion and ownership will set you apart from everyone else.

Excellence in action is about gluing the big pieces together.

Although excellence can be measured and observed, for most people it is more of a felt experience. They walk away from an experience and are satisfied. They know everything went well and sense it was done with excellence.

When you go out for dinner and the waiter is friendly, your glass never goes empty, the pen to sign your bill works, your food comes out hot and the waiter anticipated your needs. You leave that situation satisfied, having enjoyed the overall experience.

Integrity requires us to be excellent.

Not trying to be perfect, we do everything you do to the best of your ability.

Ask for help when you see others that can come along side of you. Excellence is not perfection; it is doing whatever you do well with the user’s / customer’s / other person’s experience as top priority.

How have you seen excellence enhance your experience (at work, church, Starbucks, etc)?