Most of us view Sunday as the end of the week. Monday is usually the first day back to work after the weekend. It can feel like we get up Monday morning and try to start an engine that has sat for too long.

But what if Sundays were the beginning of the week? What if Sunday could prime the pump for a fantastic week?

How can we use Sundays as a “launching pad” for a successful week? 

Sunday RoutineAs a Christian I believe I am commanded to have a day of rest. This is a day when we do not engage in regular work. It’s a day of mental, physical and spiritual rest and restoration.

Rest is a spiritual discipline, but it is also a healthy habit. No one, regardless of your beliefs can burn the candle at both ends and expect to stay at peak performance. 

Here is my Sunday routine that sets my week up for success. I would love to hear your ideas in the comments below:

1. Attend Church

This is something I do with my family. I love the music and the teaching, but I also enjoy the experience my children have. It also gives me a place to develop friends with a similar worldview. 

Going to church isn’t about rushing out of the house on time (although many moms may beg to differ!), it’s about starting the day of rest with a spiritual focus on community.

2. Nap Time

My wife and I have small children that require an afternoon nap. This means mommy and daddy also get one! 

This is an extra time of physical rest throughout the day. Generally I will nap from 30-45min and when I wake up I have a coffee.

3. Read

I read every day. So this isn’t something special to Sundays, but I am able to read a bit more than usual. 

This is also a way to give myself a mental break. I find mental breaks like this stimulate creativity.

4. Calendar and To-do Lists

I look ahead and make some plans.

Looking at the week ahead, I can see the meetings and major projects I am working on. As I review them I create to-do items.

That way when I start the day on Monday I know where to start.

5. Wind Down

This is where I get set for a good night sleep. The screens go off well before bed time. I lay out what I need for my morning routines.

I spend the rest of the night relaxing with my wife. Then I usually read some more and then go to bed.

I said at the beginning that Mondays is the beginning of the week for most people.

I have shifted my mentality to look at Sunday as the beginning of the week. It is my day of rest, worship and family. 

It is from this place of rest and preparation that I can launch forward into the rest of the week. 

What would you add to your Sunday routine to set you up for a fantastic week?


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