We all need help, even if we don’t realize it or want it! This is because many times in life we just can’t do it on our own.

If you want to do anything significant and worthwhile in life you are going to need others to help you see those things come to reality.

This is ok; you are not weak when you ask for help. It’s time we come to the realization that we need others.

Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We weren’t meant to live in isolation. We were meant to live in communion with others. Life (like leadership) is not a solo gig. Think about your life, think about a great vacation you had, a memorable event at college or university or any other great memory you have. You were most likely with someone else.

As a leader I have always heard the phrase that “you are not a leader unless you can turn around and see others following you”. I would suggest that you are not a leader unless you can look to your side and see others working with you. Those following you towards the vision will usually be those right beside you working with you!

Here are 4 Reasons why life with a team is better:

1. Better Gift Mix: You aren’t perfect, nor do you possess every talent and gift required. In fact you have weaknesses and areas that you aren’t strong in. When you allow others to come on the journey with you, you allow them to utilize their gifts. This betters the whole team.

2. More Power: I’m not talking about Tim “the tool man” Taylor, I am talking about how hard it is to move a couch upstairs alone. There are some tasks that take more than one person to complete.

3. Encouragement: We all need to be encouraged. We go through times when we feel down, weak or at the edge of giving up. It is in these moments if you are surrounded by a team that they can give you encouragement to carry on and help you find hope.

4. More Fun: Even if you like to work alone and pound things out. It’s still more fun when you can do things with others. I enjoy driving by myself and at times even having a meal by myself, but most days I would rather have someone alongside.

We were created for community. We are to stay connected with others. When we do, we are greater and stronger as a team.

No battle is won by a single person; nothing of significance is accomplished by a lone ranger. Even when one person seems to get the bulk of the credit, there was always a team supporting, encouraging and working alongside that individual.

Share a story of when you were a part of a team. Why was life better on that team?