It’s my birthday! I am now 30. In some ways I feel old, in others, I know there is still a lot I can do while I am on this earth.

Here are 30 things I have learned in my 30 years on earth: 30 THINGS Graphic Paul Jolicoeur

  1. Your Mom loves you, spend more time with her
  2. The “cool” kids in school aren’t really that cool after all
  3. The relationships you invest in are the ones you keep
  4. Taking a road trip with friends will be a memory that will last forever
  5. Sleep. But not too much, you never remember the times you were sleeping
  6. Don’t run inside just because it’s raining. Its ok to get wet sometimes
  7. If you love her, put a ring on it!
  8. Meet her parents and ask her Dad for her hand. It might be old school, but that’s ok
  9. Take time to know who you are and what you believe before you get go to post-secondary school or get married
  10. Get a degree only if you will use it. Think of the ROI
  11. Debt is a heavy weight that will slow you down
  12. Cliff Jump (just make sure the water is deep enough!)
  13. Money comes from work, not from existing
  14. Getting on a plane and crossing an ocean will put your life into perspective
  15. Read good books. Even teens shouldn’t read most teen fiction books
  16. Having kids will make you appreciate your parents more
  17. Take a few pictures, but not too many. Live your memories in real life
  18. Don’t do drugs
  19. If you have ever wanted to play guitar, the drums, or write a blog…do it now, don’t let another year pass
  20. Jesus is more than the reason for the Christmas season. He is the solution to the greatest need we each have
  21. Pick your battles and decide what hill you are willing to die on
  22. Today can be better than yesterday
  23. Be intentional and grow on purpose
  24. Set personal goals every year
  25. Try Sushi, you might like it
  26. There are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs, read one each day
  27. You’re not too young
  28. Culture changes, principals don’t
  29. What you see on TV is fake, even the “reality” stuff
  30. Party with those that show up to the party

I have travelled across a few oceans and had my passport filled with stamps. I have enjoyed great friendship and had some great adventures. I married the woman that stole my heart and have 2 children that help me experience life in a new way daily.

I am blessed.

Life is an adventure and each day we get a chance to live it or let it slip away.

What is one thing you wish you knew when you were 30?