It’s inevitable. One day soon you will be sitting at your desk and an email is going to pop up on your screen. It’s a meeting request from your boss. Nothing unusual… or is it?

You have worked there for a few years. At first you loved it, but then you got comfortable. You started to think you could do it all on your own. You thought you where the man (or woman)!

So you sit down in his office for the meeting he requested. Next you hear the words “Sorry, but we have to let you go.”

When that day comes, you are going to wonder why. Here is probably why your boss is going to fire you: Fired

You are often late:

I mean seriously work starts the same time every day and you drive the same route every time. So you must not be taking this job very seriously.

Its easy to know whats important to you by the effort you put into being on time. Most people are rarely late and miss a flight.


You don’t work well with others:

You just seem to always be upset, frustrated or having a bad day (every day). You communicate harshly and don’t have patience anymore.

You used to be a cheerful person, but recently you have become cold.

It’s hard for a team to function properly when one member isn’t willing to play nicely. So instead of replacing everyone else, it’s about time for you to go.


You have become complacent:

You were once challenged by you job, now you get no joy from it so you no longer looking forward to going to work.

You have stopped looking for ways to improve or be more productive. You are just coasting along.


You are resisting change:

Some changes have started to take place. Maybe they are taking you by surprise or maybe you have been so complacent the last few years you didn’t see it coming.

Now you are pushing back. Everyone knows you won’t change, so it’s time for you to go.

It’s not that you are a bad person, or even incompetent. It’s just the cheese is moving and you haven’t put on your running shoes!


When this happens to you, don’t get upset at your boss. He tried to warn you, but you were just unteachable and didn’t really hear him. You were not receptive to his input. Unteachable should have been on this list!

Unless you change, the next boss will do the same thing.

If this is you it might be time for a change (before you get fired). Maybe you are bored, maybe you need a challenge, or perhaps you need to make some baby steps towards some of your dreams.

Whatever it is, you have got to find more passion and ownership for what you want to do.

How can we develop passion and ownership in the things we do each day?