Have you ever become so discouraged you thought about throwing in the towel and walking away? Well on Thursday I went to the ProBlogger one day event and I almost gave up.

I was excited to go to this event because it was all about how to build a profitable blog. This is a desire of mine because I would love to blog, write, coach and partner with others in a way that is a full time income, business and personal passion outlet.

I was also really looking forward to the day because I knew there were certain people speaking that I was looking forward to seeing. Among those people were Chris Guillebeau, Jeff Goins, and Pat Flynn, just to name a few. 

Discouragement and Refreshment at ProBlogger Academy Paul JolicoeurAlong the way I even met some new friends. Andy Traub and Tim Grahl each encouraged me in some ideas I had. I appreciate their willingness to be available. 

But at some point during the day, I hit a wall. And it wasn’t the wall of fatigue that happens after a big lunch! 

It was a wall of discouragement. At one point during the day, I was ready to throw it all in the garbage, I was ready to give up and walk away.

I was hearing these great stories of other people’s success and instead of allowing them to inspire me to move forward, I became the victim. I had thoughts like:

> I’m not good enough. No one really reads what I write.

The people that read what I write must not like it, they never share it.

When am I going to get my “big break” and have someone way more experienced than me bring me under their wing?

It only took them a few months to make lots of money!

And then it all changed, like a cloud had lifted. My mood, my mentality and my attitude all shifted as I realized I had to take responsibility for my life.

The victim mindset leads to poverty. It expects someone else to do the hard work while I reap all the rewards of their work.


Success is not overnight. You become an overnight success (in other people’s eyes) after years of hard work and investment. TWEET THIS!


Overall, it was a great day. Here are some highlights for me:

Chris Ducker showed how the average blogger could save up to 48 hours a week in productivity, through proper delegation. 

Jeff Goins, challenged me to blog with a worldview and continue to help me accept that I am a writer.

Pat Flynn, gave me encouragement that it is possible to make money online without having to be an internet marketing guru or being a sleaze-bag-con-artist. He challenged me to begin to create small wins.

Pam Slim seemed to have her fan club out with her. The reality was, she had just cultivated a loyal community by fostering authentic relationship with them.

Chris Garrett challenged me to stop trying to be perfect on the first draft. He suggested that we just write and come back and edit later. That really takes the pressure off!

By the time I left, I was a more inspired and dedicated than ever to move forward, to keep going and fight on. Thank you to Darren Rowse at ProBlogger and Chris Guillebeau for putting on a world class event.

Quick Question: When have you had to fight discouragement? How did you overcome?