Work is a God given task that allows us to be producers and contributors. It is also a means of income that we use to support our lifestyles. So in short, we all need to work doing something.

We were never created to just consume the world around us. Imagine if you only ate food and never went to buy groceries. Soon the cupboards would be empty and you would get hungry very quickly.

Same goes in our lives. If we aren’t doing something productive with our lives we may feel like our cupboards are empty. We become hungry for meaning.

Every day we are required to work with other people. Even if you are self-employed and you are your only employee!

With that said here are 6 behaviors of the worst employees.

1. You only talk about yourself

We have to spend 8 hours or more a day together; please don’t just talk about you. People’s favorite subject is always themselves. Take some time to ask questions and show interest in others.


2. You’re always late

Set your alarm and plan ahead! You always seem to walk in 3 minutes late and you don’t see this as an issue.

Being on time shows that you are respectful of your team and those you report to. It also builds trust.


3. You leave early

Also known as time theft, so go ahead and take the stapler with you! Nothing shows your lack of commitment more than leaving early.


4. You don’t get along with others

Relationship conflicts bring down the moral of the team. It affects the productivity of the group. The team member that seems to always be in conflict with others does more damage than good, even if their personal productivity is high.

Learn to get along with others. People want co-workers that are friendly, easy to talk to and do their share of the work.


5. You’re in it for the money

Now we all need money to live. We all have bills and things we want, but if you are only working at your current job because of the money; you’re doing the wrong thing! It’s time to read a book like 48 Days To The Work You Love by Dan Miller or Quitter by Jon Acuff and move forward!


6. You are full of excuses

This list is endless! Nothing is ever your fault. Everything bad that happens to you is somehow someone else’s fault. The computer is slow, there was traffic, or someone didn’t send you the report on time. You name it, and it is not your fault.

When we make excuses we are unable to solve the problem at hand. Excuses explain away issues instead of looking how to work through the concern.

Working with others is a fact of life and a reality no one should try to avoid (if it was even possible).

If you want to be valued by your team, you need to contribute as an active member of your team.

What would you add to this list as the 7th behavior of the worst employee?