Do you want your team to love you? Do you want them to work hard and feel good about what they do? Do you want them to tell their friends how great their work is? Of course you do.

I once helped organize an event that had over 30,000 people attend. It was so big that it took place in an NFL stadium. Although I was overseeing the promotion of this event, it was the team I was working with that made it the success it was.

It might have been easy to take the credit, but the reality was my team did a lot of work and made sacrifices for our success.

Here are 2 little things you can do to support your team towards success:

Image courtesy of Basketman /

Image courtesy of Basketman /

1. When you receive praise because of your team’s performance, publicly recognize their efforts.

When things are going well your job is to build up your team by praising them. When you pass on this public recognition you are giving honor where it is due, and it’s due to them because you didn’t succeed all by yourself.

This kind of praise is like pouring fuel onto their fire. It motivates them to continue to do whatever it is that’s working.

In the process they will feel an intrinsic reward. They will have the knowledge that they are important, and that is encouraging.

I am sure you are always looking for ways to share your appreciation to your team. I know you are constantly looking for ways to keep them motivated and show them the difference they are making.

These moments of passing on the praise are the best ways to encourage your team!

This sword, like most, is double edged. You pass on the praise to your team. But you also deflect criticism away from them.

2. As the team leader, when things aren’t going well you are to accept the blame and take responsibility. 

Now you might need to make changes to the team, how they are trained, etc. They just need to know you won’t throw them under the bus when things come off the track.

When you keep these two things in mind, you will build trust with your team. They will know you have their back and that you aren’t in it for your glory alone.

The best thing you can do for your personal success and the success of your organization is to build strong and healthy teams.

When you receive praise consider it a commission check you must share with those that helped you earn it. Tweet this!

When things aren’t going well, take one for your team.

How do you find ways to praise your team?