I have the key to gain more muscle and increase strength. Now, if you have ever seen me, you know I don’t use the key! I’m no weakling, but I am by no means the guy at the gym everyone is intimidated by.

In fact when I go to the gym, I keep my head down and try to remember all the things I learned in my senior year of high school about how to grip the bar and to keep my back straight.

The key to muscle growth is to lift a bit more weight before you plateau.

Image courtesy of Zirconicusso/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Zirconicusso/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

If you don’t increase the weight, you won’t get stronger. You’ll reach a certain point and then growth slows down and stops.

Adding weight is a challenge, it is that challenge that allows your body to create more muscle.

If we don’t challenge ourselves we will stop growing. We will hit a certain point and then plateau. Tweet this

This might be one reason why you know someone that is pretty much the same as they were a couple of years ago.

Even if you are really good at something, you can still plateau. Think of the writer that has written a book, once the challenge is over they can plateau and spend the rest of their lives promoting the same book.

You don’t grow when things get easy. When work isn’t challenging, you drift. When life isn’t challenging it gets boring.

We are designed for adventure and achievement. I heard Donald Miller once say we were created for a life of meaning, not a life of comfort. I agree with Don.

There is nothing comfortable about lifting weights. There is nothing comfortable about challenging ourselves to something great.

At the end of my life, I want to know I have made a difference and that my life had meaning.

It scares me and excites me when I think about the future. I am scared that I might attempt something and fail or that I might not be able to support my family.

I am excited because there is a chance I will succeed! I may actually live a life of meaning, accomplish something with my life and leave a legacy for my family.

If you have risen to the challenge and have felt the feelings of achievement and success, even if it’s a small victory, you know it’s worth it.

If life is boring, it’s time for a challenge. If you have begun to plateau, it’s time for a challenge.

How can you challenge yourself today to live a life of meaning?