Its that time of year again. Time to head out to the mall, fight for a parking spot and get stuck behind the slow people!

Shopping for me is an emotional stretching experience. Going to the mall saps my strength away.

This time of year, the temptation to overspend and give out of guilt is high. Remember that this is a season of generosity and should not be a source of anxiety!

Santa Shopping

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Here are 9 tips to to keep in mind as you hit the mall:

Christmas shopping tip #9: Give some grace to the Mom and her kids. Its hard to herd cats! (Tweet this!)


Christmas shopping tip #8: Have a budget and spend cash! Failing to do this December will cause regret in January. (Tweet this!)

The easiest way to do this is to decide how much you are going to spend first. Than make a list of those you would like to buy for and than divvy out how much you will spend of each person.


Christmas shopping tip #7: Smile and make eye contact while at the check out. Your cashier might be having a bad day and this simple task can help. (Tweet this!)

They see grumpy people all day. You can be a ray of sunshine for them!


Christmas shopping tip #6: When walking with friends at the mall, don’t walk 4 wide. You’re not at the mall alone! (Tweet this!)


Christmas shopping tip #5: Pay attention and be courteous. (Tweet this!)


Christmas shopping tip #4: When you see a friend at the mall, don’t stop in the middle of the walkway to catch up. Step to the side! (Tweet this!)


Christmas shopping tip #3: When looking for a parking spot, don’t block the entire lane while you wait for someone find their car and leave. (Tweet this!)

While stalking someone for their spot, give others the chance to pass and move on with their hunt!


Christmas shopping tip #2: Only use the self check out lane if you have previous experience. (Tweet this!)

Sometimes I wish you needed a license to use these things. You never pick the shorter line, you pick the line you think has people that know what their doing!


Christmas shopping tip #1 Walk like you drive, stick to the right! This is the easiest way to keep order, if not anarchy will break out! (Tweet this!)


Because of these tips I hope your shopping experience goes much smoother. Click HERE to forward this to a friend that is guilty of some of these and could use a friendly reminder!

What tips would you give to someone heading out to do their Christmas shopping?