Do not judge others or you yourself will be judged. The same standards that you use to judge others will be the standards you are judged by. – Jesus

Have you ever thought about these words from Mathew 7? If I never judged anyone, does that mean I would be free from the judgment of others and God?

Have you ever watched someone from stage giving a presentation and made mental comments about what they were saying? Or what they were wearing, the words they were using or their presentation style?

Have you ever been up on stage giving a presentation and felt insecure? Maybe you’re not confident in what you are saying, your clothes, the words you are using or your presentation style?

Stand Out

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I get the chance to stand up on stage and teach people. I enjoy these opportunities even though I contend with nerves before I hit the stage.

The things that bring me stress when I prepare are the things I feel people might judge me on. I have realized that these are the same things that I judge others on when I watch others teach.

What I have found is evaluating people for your or their improvement is beneficial. But criticism that tries to elevate yourself at another person’s expense ultimately brings you under the same judgment.

When we judge others (including criticism), we heap it upon ourselves subconsciously. We feel judged in the same way we have judged while we wonder why we walk around with insecurities.

Judging others keeps us focused on the negative side of life. We focus on what they are doing wrong, what they could be doing better or what they do that we do better! This never leads anywhere good.

When we focus on the negative aspects of others, we are not putting the focus where it should be.

After having those thoughts in your mind about the other person, are you able to enjoy an honest friendship with them? Your judgment has caused a divide in your mind between you and them.

Try to focus on the positive. When you are thankful for the other person and think about what they do well, you will feel uplifted. You will be more positive, allowing you to speak honestly with them.

You will be able to enjoy their presence. You won’t feel insecure and judged in your areas of weakness.

When the time comes where it is appropriate for you to confront them and speak the truth about a weakness the other person has it will come out of love and not out of a sense of control and judgment.

How has your judgment of someone caused you to feel judged or insecure?