Recently after morning, I went through a time where I was working full time to find full time work! One of my goals in life is to help others understand and maximize their potential.

Throughout this process I have been walking step by step through the book 48 Days To The World You Love by Dan Miller. I think this is a fantastic book, full of hands on practical steps every job seeker can put to work right away.

What employers are looking for in a new team member is also what makes a current team member great.

Leadership Word Map Paul JolicoeurIs good help really hard to find? Every business owner, HR executive or hiring manager is looking for someone that is loyal and capable with a strong work ethic.

Here are my top 10 posts that could assist any job seeker or anyone looking to become an outstanding employee:

  1. Why Your Boss Is Going to Fire You
  2. Delegation: 4 Ways You Know You’re Doing It Right
  3. 5 Side Effects of Bad Communication
  4. How to Run a Meeting People Want to Attend
  5. The Power of Showing Appreciation
  6. 6 Behaviors of the Worst Employees
  7. Warning: Your Attitude is Powerful
  8. How to Manage Your Time Better
  9. How to Get a Promotion
  10. 3 Ways to Increase Excellence in Everything You Do

Ok, and here is 1 bonus! 

     11. Character Matters

Your character is not static. You can develop strong character as you grow personally while holding true to your values and moral positions.

At the end, your character matters because you can’t separate who you really are from who you are at work. 

What do you think makes someone a fantastic team member?