We have entered into a new season. The air is cooler, the trees are starting to turn color and if you have children they are back in school. For most people this new season move us into a new routine of life post-summer.

At the beginning to the year I set some personal goals for myself.

To be honest I don’t think I am on track to complete all of them. I hit a few unexpected bumps and a few new turns. 

That’s ok. I am still growing intentionally. It’s Not Too Late To Make 2014 Count Paul Jolicoeur

This new season is giving me a chance to review my goals and make any adjustments so that I end the year off well.

If you set goals like I did, now is the chance to review them. If you haven’t set any goals for yourself this year, I invite you to do so now.

Here is the list and the reasons in which I set goals for each year:


Whatever you do for a living, you can probably do it better or be more productive. In what one area do you want to develop in over the next few months? Look for a course, a conference or a book in that area.



Do you want to take a vacation, get out of debt or set up an emergency fund? Maybe it’s time to set up a budget!



Do you want to be more like Jesus? What can you do to grow towards that? Try setting a goal for a daily devotional time or to read a few books on a particular subject.



Maybe it’s time to shape up! Do you want to lose some weight or perhaps gain some? Maybe you want to lift more weights or run a longer distance? Even if your first goal is to find your running shoes, you are moving in the right direction!



Your mind is always capable of learning and growing. If you want to learn, then read. Is there a particular topic you are eager to learn more about? Find a book or two in that area and dive in.



If you have a spouse and children, time is the greatest gift you can give them. Set a goal that gives life and health to your family. Perhaps plan a family night each week.



It’s fun to make new friends! Do you want to meet new people or join a club? Do it.


At the end of the day, personal growth, reaching your full potential and increasing your influence all have to begin with you taking responsibility for the direction of your life.

I personally do this by setting goals in these 7 areas.

Even if you set 1 goal in each area, you will see amazing growth in yourself by the end of this year.

Let me know if you have set goals for this year by commenting below!