The Power of Showing Appreciation

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and we come alive when we see the impact we have on others’ lives.

Has anyone ever said thank you to you? If you have heard those words you were most likely very blessed and encourage to received them.

I know my life has been profoundly influenced by others. I usually don’t see how much my life has been influenced until years later.

One time I was speaking to a group of people and I had just finished on stage. When I was getting ready to leave I received a piece of paper with a note written on it.

A lady shared her appreciation of what I had shared and said thank you. I still have that note.

Image courtesy of Healingdream/

Image courtesy of Healingdream/

Why do I still have that piece of paper? Because saying “thank you” is one of the most important things you can tell those that have impacted your life. Life can be discouraging, it can wear you down and be a real drain.

When we take time to communicate our gratitude to someone we are adding fuel to their fire. Tweet this

It is easy for our emotional bank account to take a hit. The way we interaction with others becomes either a withdrawal or deposit of emotional energy.

When you take time to appreciate someone for who they are and what they do, you become a source of life for them.

You give them what they desire most; the knowledge that they matter.

Here are a few ideas to appreciate those around you.

1. Public Recognition.

When you have the opportunity, publicly give praise and recognition to someone you appreciate.

This could take place in a formal meeting like a staff meeting. It can also take place informally when you are casually talking with a small group of people.

2. A Note or Card.

This is kind of old school! It goes like this – buy a pack of cards. Then get a pen and you write your thoughts of appreciation in ink.

All kidding aside, receiving an email is nice, it takes more thought to write a note and is appreciated even more.

When you can, write a note and hand it or mail it to them. It will make a difference.

3. Token of Appreciation

Some people hear appreciation as they receive a gift. This could be a book, or box seats to a playoff game. Either way, you are giving something to let that person know you are thankful for them and their contribution.

4. Time. 

I have had some great mentors in my life. I loved the times they spent investing in me. When they would offer to take me for lunch or run an errand with them, I would jump all over the opportunity.

Spending time with someone can show them your appreciation.

Be mindful, people receive appreciation in different ways. Many times we give appreciation in the manner we would like to receive it.

Our challenge is to say thank you in a way that the receiver will appreciate the most.

These deposits into my emotional bank account motivated me to work harder and push to reach my goals. You appreciation will do the same to someone, guaranteed!

Who do you need to say thank you too? How can you say thank you?

Paul Jolicoeur

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Husband, Father, Disciple, Blogger, writer, author. Learner & desire to make an impact on others. Each one of us have influence on the world and this influence is a gift. We can continue to grow and increase in our influence.

11 responses to The Power of Showing Appreciation

  1. Paul,

    You can probably see this coming but I appreciate YOU! Reading your blog and being a part of the community you’re growing has already had a profound impact on my writing and the way I network online.

    I have an elder in my church that watches over our young professionals group – I definitely need to say thank you to him for helping me through a rough patch I had earlier this year. I imagine the thank you will include a card/note of some sort.

    Showing gratitude = love. And we know that we are uniquely called to show love!


    • Thanks Jeff, I do appreciate it. I am glad you are apart of this community.

      I have been reminded over the last couple of months of those that have made a profound impact on my life and my need to thank them.

  2. I love this!! Thank you notes are soooo awesome. They’re so easy to write and so ridiculously appreciated. 🙂

  3. Paul – This is great! Truly, “please” and “thank you” are STILL the magic words.

    I use them all day, everyday — at work and with my kids.

    I’m also a big smile-and-say-hello kind of person. To co-workers and total strangers. It matters not to me. : – )

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