If you have ever played or watched sports, or even been a part of any kind of competition, you will have been subject to the judgment of an official. I’m sure at some point you have disagreed with a call

When the play is really close, the call from the official can go either way.

The best advice I have heard to cure this: Be better than the call.

If you slide into the bag early enough, the ump doesn’t need to make a call because it’s so clear.

umpireI remember as a kid playing baseball and being called out while stealing a base. There were times I knew I was safe, but the play was so close the ump had to make a judgment call.

If you are a part of a close play be prepared to have the call go the other way. Be prepared for some else to judge the play.

I believe there are many areas like this in our lives that we should take this principal into consideration. When it comes to our morals and standards we live by we should especially be aware of this.

These days, morality seems to be very subjective.

Morality is actually a latin word that means; manner, character or proper behavior.

It is synonymous with goodness and rightness.

When you are moral, you are acting in a manner of proper behavior that is full of goodness.

The conflict today is that morality has become a relative term. They say you can set your moral code however you want.

The reality is, there is a true north. You might think you are going North, but if you are actually going South, you are going the wrong direction. Your compass is broken.

If you are a leader; meaning others report to you, look up to you, do what you say or are influenced by you: You must live your life in such a way with morally high standards and boundaries that you don’t leave things to be judged wrongly by others. We shouldn’t play that close to the line. 

If shouldn’t be a matter of what we can do to barely get by. We should live in such way that we are blameless and any accusation would be unfounded.

Many good leaders have made bad moral decisions and it cost them their reputation, their career, their family and the respect of those they led.

When you set up guidelines and boundaries based on your moral code, you will set yourself up for victory.

Take time to consider how establishing moral boundaries will enhance your leadership and set it on a firm foundation.

What boundaries have you set up to keep your leadership on a firm foundation?