Thank you for this past year! It’s been a great year of growth for my blog. It was also a year of personal growth, plus my family grew as we welcomed our son Jace into the world!

At the beginning of the year my goal was to post at least once a week. I did it!

Top Mountain

Here are the top 5 posts from this past year: 

6 Behaviors of the Worst Employees

Work is a God given task that allows us to become producers and contributors within the world around us. It is also a means of income that we use to support our lifestyles. In short, we all need to work doing something.

8 People You Need To Spend Time With

Have you ever thought about the type of person you should allow to influence you? The reality is that you will become just like the people you spend the most time with. This is true because they will have the greatest influence in your life.

5 Leadership Traits Abraham Lincoln Taught Me

Lincoln was a deeply convicted man. He knew what he believed in and what he stood for. We would do well to stand for something. It would be even better for us to know why we are standing for it.

What Showing Up on Time Says About You

I once heard someone say that being on time means being 5 minutes early. There are many great leadership qualities, skills and traits we can learn and develop. But none of them will matter if you can’t be on time.

The Power of Showing Appreciation

Has anyone ever said thank you to you? If you have heard those words you were most likely very blessed and encourage to received them. When you take time to appreciate someone for who they are and what they do, you become a source of life for them.

While we are on the topic of top 5, here are the 5 podcasts I listened to consistently this past year:

This is Your Life by Michael Hyatt

Your Move by Andy Stanley

Ray Edwards

Podcast Answer Man by Cliff Ravenscraft

Chris LoCurto

Looking forward to another great year!


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