Momentum is a force that can work with us or against us. Imagine a boulder rolling down a hill, would you rather be the guy that pushed it down the hill or the guy running in front of it?

Of course we want momentum to work for us.

The movement of energy causes momentum. You can choose where that momentum is going.

Last week we talked about how momentum breads momentum. We learned that momentum makes the journey fun, makes the hard stuff easier to work through and that momentum can be started in the right environment.

Here are 3 ways to build momentum.

1. Common Identity

Your identity is who you are. First start off by asking the question; who are you question. If you are a part of a team ask; who are we question.

It is impossible to go in many direction and do any of them well. You won’t be able to make any significant progress in any one direction.

Have you ever seen a cartoon of someone dropping a snowball down a hill and it keeps growing? The more it rolls the bigger it gets.

This happens because the snowball stays together (common identity) down the same hill (common purpose).

Snowball Rolling

2. Common Purpose

This is what makes your team stick together.

Your identity is who you are, your purpose is what you do. Answer the first question first! Tweet this!

When you are properly aligned with a common identity, the energy you create moving towards a common objective will build into momentum.


3. Incremental Victories

Discouragement is cheap and easily available. You have experienced it and so have I. So has your team.

When you see things working, you are encouraged and build up.

Help yourself and those you lead, by creating small victories. This will help them defeat discouragement.

Look to create experiences where your team can complete something together in a short amount of time. As they see something accomplished energy is created.

The energy you experience during small victories leads to greater victories and this circle is called momentum. 

Victories allow you to see that you can actually achieve what you want to accomplish.


Momentum will work in your favor personally as well as within any team you lead.

Personally, you can create momentum towards your own personal goals.

Within a group, momentum allows the team to work together towards a desired purpose.

This week look for ways to create momentum, directing it down the path you desire.

How can you create momentum for yourself or your team this week?